Current / forthcoming :



2021   Plas Contemporary Art Show, Seoul, Korea


2021  Artist Project, Toronto, CA 

2021   The Other Art Fair Dallas, USA


Gallery Representation:


  • Spence Gallery,  Toronto, Canada

  •  Hoban Artrium, Seoul, Korea

  • Partial Gallery, Toronto, Canada

  • Saatchi Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Selected Past Exhibits:

2020 The Other Art Fair, Dallas, USA


2020 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Toronto, CA


2020 Leslie Grove Gallery, Toronto, CA


2020 Art Alchemy Pi Art Show, Toronto, CA


2020 ArtWalk in the Square, Toronto, CA


2020 Artist Project, Toronto, CA


2019 AAF Battersea, London, UK


2019 AAF Brooklyn, New York, USA

2019 Artists Network, Salon des Refusés, Toronto, CA


2019 ArtWalk in the Square, Toronto,CA


2019 Bayview Art Tour, Toronto, CA


2019  Toronto Outdoor Art Fair,  Toronto, CA

2019 "Imagine Yourself" SOLO Exhibit, Spence Gallery, Toronto, CA

2019  Gallery 101,  London, UK

2019  Tokyo International Art Fair,  Tokyo, Japan

2019  The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, USA

2019  Laugh Out Loud Fundraiser, Toronto, CA

2019  The Other Art Fair, London, UK

2019  The Artist Project, Toronto, CA 

2018 "Celebrate Art & the Season", ArteMbassy, Toronto, CA

2018 "31 Women ", The Other Art Fair, Santa Monica, USA

2018  The Other Art Fair, Santa Monica, USA

2018 Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, CA

2018 "Doors Open", Neilson Park Creative Centre, Toronto, CA

2018 "Circles", bG Gallery, Santa Monica, USA

2018  ArteMbassy,  Toronto, CA


2017 "Scratching the Surface" SOLO Exhibit, ArteMbassy, Toronto, CA

2017 Neilson Park Gallery, Toronto, CA

2017 Arta Gallery,  Toronto, CA

2017 Big on Bloor Art Festival, Toronto, CA 

2017 ArteMbassy ,  Toronto, CA 

2016 ArteMbassy,  Toronto, CA



2016- 2017  Critiquing Art - NPCC, Toronto, CA 

2015- 2018 ArteMbassy Gallery School  - Toronto, CA 



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