Much more than ART's a way of being!  

"My deepest desire, my dream, my promise to myself, is to make the world a more inclusive and loving place. I believe love is contagious and creating art allows me to explore and amplify love both in and out of the studio!”


My Story

Cherie Harte (b.1973) is a self-taught Métis artist following in the tradition of Art Brut, Graffiti and Abstract Expressionism. Drawing inspiration from a traumatic childhood, Harte layers dynamic, gestural marks atop layers of worn textural surfaces. 

My Medium

I love blending traditional fine art mediums such as acrylic paint, pastel and oil stick with everyday materials such as newsprint, discarded grocery lists, marker and crayon and allowing for playful, open hearted experimentation to imbue each piece with  fresh, unexpected and energetic results

My Inspiration

Influenced by my daily personal experiences, childhood memory, and my wishes for myself and the world  -  I love having a blank canvas before me and witnessing the magic evolution each piece wishes to share.  

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