Cherie Harte (b.1973) is a self-taught Métis artist following in the tradition of Art Brut, Graffiti and Abstract Expressionism. Drawing inspiration from a traumatic childhood, Harte layers dynamic, gestural marks atop layers of worn textural surfaces. 


Through a fearless use of bold colour and child-like mark making Harte creates a cast of characters inviting us to investigate our modern definition of love while reminding us of our own fragility and strength.   


Cherie brings her childlike and playful characters to life through a meditative process that beckons us to connect with our inner selves, confront our discomforts, demand empathy, and ultimately asks us  to surrender to deep sense of trust. 


Scattered bits of text intermingle with relics of childhood - hearts, rainbows and natural forms imbued with a sense of naïveté, innocence and a vivid surrendering to the emotive power of transformation. 


Harte blends traditional fine art mediums such as acrylic paint, pastel and oil stick with everyday materials such as newsprint, discarded grocery lists, marker and crayon. Playful, open hearted experimentation imbues Cherie’s work with a fresh, energetic, and unique contemporary voice. 


Harte explores themes of  love,  identity, mental health and healing generational trauma through the unveiling of the raw complexities of human emotion.   


“My work transports me to this magical place. A space where social constructs and labels dissolve and all that remains is the essence of love, vulnerability and deep abiding connection often felt in childhood. It is a place where my memory and life experience meet my inner child and all of me can come out to play. A place where I can dive in and explore love, unity and the power of transformative work.


My deepest desire, my dream, my promise to myself, is to make the world a more inclusive and loving place. I believe love is contagious and creating art allows me to explore and amplify love both in and out of the studio!”


Cherie's work is held in collections throughout Canada, the USA, England, Australia, China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

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